Start of a new life


Louhans, 16/09/18

My first week here in Louhans,France is over. I won't lie - it was pretty hard and I think it won't be easy for the next couple of weeks. The language is still hard to understand because everybody speaks very fast but it's getting better. My host family tries to speak slowly which is very helpful.

On Monday was my fist day at the school (Collège Notre-Dame) and I met all of my colleges and also the principal. They are all very nice. My tutor speaks german and she had to translate a lot for me and still does it sometimes. They showed me the school but it will take some time until I remember where everything is.laughing I visited my first german lesson on this day and the students were very impressed by my german skills!wink The rest of the week I was at the kindergarden (Ecole maternelle) and the children are so damn sweet!!laughing The school in France ends very late (4/5 pm) but not on Wednesday. On this day school ends at 12. Which is why Wednesday is already my favourite day of the week!!

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I sleep in a room in the school together with other students who can't go home in the week. Next Tuesday is the first meeting of the school choir, let's see how this goes.


Yesterday we went to Cuiseaux which is a village not so far away from Louhans. It's pretty cute there! In the evening I went to a group meeting of young catholics with my host sisters but I don't think I will go again because it's just too much prayers and stuff.


Today I went to Lyon! And I have to say it's a very very beautiful city!!

I visited Le Parc de la Tête d'Or, which is a big parc with lots of flowers, a big lake and a zoo, and I went to Vieux Lyon (old Lyon). There was a dance festival so it was crowded but it was so gorgeous! And I had a very beautiful view over the city. I will probably go back to find the statue of Antoine de Saint-Exupery and the little Prince!

A bientôt!