One month in France


Louhans, 06/10/2018


Tomorrow it has been a month since I have arrived here in France. I still remember the moment I left the train in Dijon feeling somehow alone but also excited to meet my host family! I had to adjust to so many new things, for example the kisses on the cheek, breakfast without a plate and a new laptop keyboard!wink But above all I had and still have to adjust to a new language! I'm getting better at understanding things and that makes me really happy. But at the same time I'm not as good when it comes to speaking. I'm trying to give myself time because french is a pretty difficult language! I've learned in this month to ask if I don't understand what someone said because the people here are so impressed that I can even speak a bit french that I'm not afraid to ask anymore!

I now have a planned timetable and for most of the day I'm in the "Ecole Maternelle" (kindergarden) which is splitted into 3 groups: Petit Section, Moyen Section and Grand Section. The kids are so so cute and I already love them!smile Here every kid has a personal "workplan" to do every day which is different from Germany! I also think they are a bit too strict with the kids sometimes- I mean they're just children. They're supposed to cry when their parents leave and they're supposed to have bad days and forget the number that comes after 8! In my opinion shouting at them for a mistake is also a bad idea!undecided

I have my own lessons in elementary school and they're so fun because the kids are so interested. They'd love to know everything in german and about Germany all at once it it was possible.laughing

I teached how to say "hello" and how to say their name in german. I presented my country and we heard the national anthem because it was the 3rd of October this week!

Last week on Friday we had a picnic at school! All students and teachers ate outside and they had no class until 3 pm! We don't have that in Germany but I think it's a pretty cool idea! And the weather was so so good that day!!smile

 Last Saturday I visited Dijon!

I saw the Place Darcy, Place de la République, Place de la Liberation and of course "la chouette" (the little owl)! I also went for a shopping tour.wink

Dijon is a really really beautiful city and I have to come back. I'm also trying to get tickets for the match Dijon-PSG!surprised That would be a dream!!!

Right now I'm trying to figure out my holidays! Me and 3 friends want to go to Paris so we're trying to find a place to stay which is harder than expcted.undecided But I'm optimistic and I think we will book something this weekend. I've already been to Paris 4 years ago so I'm probably not going to do the Louvre again but I really want to see Versailles (Yeah I like history and this is an important building, don't judge me)!smile

Also is my mum coming for 4 days when I have holidays!laughing I know that some people say that this a bad idea because you just adjusted to a new place and then your family comes. But I just need some clothes for the winter and also christmas stuff that you can't buy here In France.wink I also want my mum to see that my host family is good and that she doesn't have to worry about me (which she does anyway).

That's it for the moment!kiss I don't know when I will write again but maybe when the Paris trip is over. I hope my english isn't getting worse!wink

À bientôt!