Berichte von 12/2018

Christmas is coming


Louhans, 16.12.2018


Right now, I´m sitting in the train (I´ll tell you later where I go) and trying to write this post in English which is getting more difficult with each day I´m in France. It´s been a while so I have a lot to tell.


After the holidays I´ve been to Bourg-en-Bresse with a friend of mine and there was a concert in Louhans. It was a concert of a catholic band (my host family is religious) but it was music so I went anyway.

The 11thof November I´ve been to a commemorative ceremony for the victims of the First World War (100thanniversary). This was new for me because it´s not a holiday in Germany. At 11 o´clock the bells ring for 11 minutes straight and after that the mayor puts down a wreath of flowers and gives a little speech. Of course, all the victims died “pour la patrie/pour la France”.

It´s November, it´s getting colder and I´m getting sick. At first it´s just a cold but when I wake up Thursday morning I´m feeling really sick and I´m lead-footed (=meine Beine fühlen sich an, wie Wackelpudding). Well, looks like I have to go to the doctor. The funny thing is that I can´t tell my symptoms in English, only in French! I also don´t really have fever but I still stay at home for 2 days.

Around that time the chaos with the “Gilets jaunes” begins. Already on the first day one woman dies but they continue to demonstrate until now. 

The last weekend of November I´ve been to Dijon with a friend and it was so cool because we shopped a lot of Christmas presents. We also book our weekend trip to Strasbourg in December.


The first week of December we had our 2nd(further) training of OFAJ/DFJW (my organization). It takes place near Limoges in an old castle, Château de Ligoure. It was in the middle of nowhere but it was so amazing to see them all again. We had so much to talk about (in German and in French), exchanged our experiences and played a lot of rummy.

We also had a first-aid course in French which was for us Germans pretty difficult because of course we don´t know all these technical terms. But now I know “Stabile Seitenlage” (PLS), “Herzinfakt” (crise cardiaque), “Schlaganfall” (AVC), “Herzdruckmassage” (massage cardiaque), “Blase” (cloque), “Wirbelsäule” (colonne vertébrale), “Speiseröhre” (Œsophage), “Luftröhre” (trachée), “Wunde” (plaie).

Château de Ligoure Foto Credits an Anna aus meiner Seminargruppe Kleiner Zwischenstopp in Paris


But let´s talk about school!

It wasn´t long after the end of the holidays that the whole Christmas topic began. I started to make an advent calendar with volunteers from the class of CM2 (in Deutschland 6. Klasse) and with the two classes of kinder garden which was pretty cool.

I also explained the fest of St Nicolas because the kids in France don´t know what that is. Last week I watched “Dinner for one” with the kids and it was so funny.

 The highlight was baking Christmas biscuits with the students of CM2 and 6ème. So cool to do that even though I´m not home in Germany. The biscuits were sold at the Christmas market of the elementary school.


Together with the kids of kinder garden we went to a residence for old people and the kids sang the songs they´ve learned in school. I don´t really like these kinds of events but it was still an experience I wouldn´t like to miss. I feel like every day I get to experience something new even if it´s just a very little thing and that makes me so happy.


Last Friday (14thDecember) was the “Célebration de Noël” at school. Because my school is catholic it was a lot about god and the birth of Jesus but I had a lot to do with keeping the little kids calm anyway!


Now to the whole “writing-this-post-in-the-train” story:

 About a month ago a friend of mine and I booked a trip to Strasbourg for the 15th/16thDecember to visit the famous Christmas market and we were so looking forward to it! Because here in France Christmas markets are very rare.

But then the terrorist attack happened on Tuesday the 11thDecember and suddenly we weren´t sure anymore if it was really a good idea, especially because they hadn´t found the terrorist yet. We concluded that this could happen to us anywhere (even at school) so we decided to go and enjoy our weekend.

So that´s the reason why I´m writing this on the train- because we spent a wonderful weekend in the city of Strasbourg!


We arrived at our Air B&B Friday evening after a day of school and 3 hours on the train and went straight to sleep.

 The next day we visited the Christmas market. Although there were many soldiers it was so beautiful with all the Christmas lights, the food and the smell of hot wine (with and without alcohol)! We rode a carrousel, bought Christmas presents, went ice skating, tested the hot wine and ate a lot of food. C´était magnifique!

Jaaa, ich habe mich auf Schlittschuhe getraut! PEACE!!


Today as we woke up we couldn´t believe what we saw: SNOW!!!!!

Because we had a bit of time before our train would leave we went to see the European Parliament.


It was definitely a good decision to visit Strasbourg and I wish you all